Large Capacity Precision Machining

Our modern CNC equipment includes 4-axis capabilities.  We have turning capabilities of 157” in diameter and up to 50 tons. We also have deep seat pocket Cogsdill tooling and gun drilling capabilities of 7' long and 1/4" diameter.


Since 1976

Using our state-of-the-art equipment and software, we have been providing Precision Drilling, Turning, Milling, Boring, Threading and General Machining Services since 1976.  We have experienced with a wide variety of metals and alloys.   Our facilities are equipped with 40-ton overhead cranes and the heavy equipment required to handle your large capacity parts and products.


Our Services

Large Capacity Precision Machining

Technology, Machines, and Experience -  A quality Turning and Milling operation

Manual and CNC Machines for Large Capacity Precision Machining

CNC Machining- Vertical and Horizontal

Large Plate - 175" x 180"  

Platform - BOP

Repair Clamp

We can assist with small and large production runs, prototypes, R&D Projects, repairs and general machining services in our 24 hour,  100,000 sq ft  air-conditioned facility .   Our company has the capacity & personnel capabilities to offer a variety of machining services including turning, threading, milling, gun drilling, STS drilling and boring using CNC milling and turning machining centers in addition to large capacity manual machines.  We are located in the Houston area and are able to ship worldwide through the Port of Houston.

CNC Machining

We ensure tight tolerances and precision machining through the three-dimensional CAD software, Solidworks.  Solidworks is enhanced with EdgeCam, and provides a full CAD/CAM production Environment.  This state-of-the-art programming allows us to machine two-or three-dimensional parts on three-or four-axis machines and to ensure complex and critical dimensions are met.



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Specialty Machining

Large Capacity Milling and Turning
Capabilities include:

  1.  393” X Axis travel
  2.  Spindle speeds from 5-2,000 RPM
  3.  6” Diameter Spindle.


Positions Available